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Boat Owner's Background

Eugenio Gilberto Castro Caicedo: Merchant Marine Officer (Captain)

Born in  Pasto - Colombia,   1958

In 1978 I joined the  Navy school (Admiral Padilla)as Merchant marine cadet in Cartagena -Colombia where I began to had contact with the sea. The sailing local competitions and weekend cruises around the Cartagena  bay  was one of the main gratification sports practiced by the cadets on board of small sport sail boats    (Sailing dinghies and lasers ).Since those times I promise to myself that one day I will have my own sailing boat to be able not only to navigate into the Cartagena bay, but safely all over the world. 

I graduate as Third officer in 1982 after yearly training cruises on board several types of merchant vessels beloning to "Flota Mercante Grancolombiana"

Since 1983 I started  to work as third mate and second officer in many merchant ships around the world.

21Years Offshore experience:    

In 1988 I started to work in the offshore oil industry as Chief Mate and Captain on board of Supply and Anchor handling boats. Most of the time in the Tidewater company in the  Brazilian oil fields. Also as chief mate at AHSV "Achiever" in West Africa. Vessel belonging to "R& B Falcon". Nowdays merged as "Transocean" Offshore Company.

Since 1999 I have been working on board  Dynamic Positioning Vessels:

DLSV Acergy Osprey (before named:Seaway Osprey) = link to Acergy Osprey specifications

In 1999 I started as DPO Treainee and soon as Second Officer DPO. Performing flexible pipeline laying and Diving operations in Campos oil field, Brazil. Working for Petrobras.

LSV Acergy Condor (before named: Seaway Condor) = link to Acergy Condor specifications.

From 2000 to 2005 I worked on board Seaway Condor as 2nd.Officer DPO and First Officer DPO performing flexible pipeline laying operations in deepwaters at Campos Oil Field, Brazil, working for Petrobras.

DSV  Acergy Harrier (before named: Seaway Harrier)= Link to Acergy Harrier Specifications

From March 2005 until now I am working on board  DSV  Acergy Harrier as Chief Mate (Night Captain).Perforiming Diving operations in Campos Oil field, Brasil, working for Petrobras.

Recently was published in the Important Brazilian magazine "Revista Veja Rio" a very intersting cover report called "Perigo em alto-mar" regarding to Diving jobs done in Brazil by "DSV Acergy Harrier". You can visit the online Magazine report Clicking here.
Since I began my maritime life 26 years ago and then when I started to  have contact with DP systems until now day by day I am steel fascinated to see the way that the human being has got to merge: Computers languages, electronics science, satellites communications, hydroacustic signals, hydraulic, mechanic, etc; all in one reliable system capable to perform such kind of maritime operations that a few years ago could be called by any seaman as impossible or just fiction.

If you want to know more about the fascinating Dynamic Positioning System I invite to you to visit the The International Marine Contractors Association  web page. 

 During my maritime life I have participated in many ship's dry-dock jobs, where I have gained a lot of knowledge in naval repairs, vessels maintenance and metal works at all.   

As seafarer to fulfill the STWC (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping) requirements,I had carried out the courses listed below: 

Upgrade courses for Officer's in the " Admiral Padilla" Naval Academy - Cartagena, Colombia.

Preliminary DPO. Shore Induction Course:Aberdeen College - Aberdeen, Scotland.

DP Simulator course - Aberdeen College:Aberdeen College - Aberdeen, Scotland.

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) General Operator course - Naval Academy - Montevideo - Uruguay.

Basic Fire-fighting Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Medical Emergency - Basic Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Personal Survival Courses - Fundacion Nautica:Cartagena, Colombia.

Advanced Fire-fighting Corse - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Human Relationships Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Medical Care Advanced - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Radar Observer - Fundacion Nautica:Cartagena, Colombia.

ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid) Radar Operator Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Offshore Cargo Handling & Movement Safety Course - " Rigging & Slinging" - Brasil.

Ships Security Officer - Course made at Videotel- London.
Helicopter underwater Egress training course: " FALK NUTEC " Macae, Brasil
Confined space entry and technical rescue: " FALK NUTEC " Macae, Brasil
Informatic Knowledge: Microsoft World,  Excel, Front Page, Access, Visual Basic Programing lenguage, AutoCad 2D and 3D.

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English.

If you want more information regarding to my background, you can email me at: owner@sailboatwayra.com  

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