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August 2010 - Water tight Companion Way  (click on each photo to enlarge it )

Companion way frameDoor frame made with steel angles bar to make it strong weater tight door.

Frame and plateFront door plate made with fiber glass material to join it at the steel frame. 

Water Tight doorThe fiber glass plate glued to the steel frame.   Water Tight door-2You can see here the strong weather tight door with a Perko latch lock and 3 lock down dogs handles custom made by Mercamaquinas company.
Companion way Fiber glass shape to receive the weather tight door.   Companion wayCompanionway and weather tight door.

Companion wayWeather tight door close up.

  The boat profile is not as nice as it should be. I will  install here in front more one acrylic hatch to make it beautiful.
I will install two acrylic portholes over the sides, therefore it will create a better shape. Wayra with new Companion wayCrossing the Atlantic ocean in the middle of the worse sea condition the most important is keep the ocean out. Not allowing the water coming into the boat. The beautiful is secondary concern.
Companion way viewThe companion way looks like not as beautiful as it would be. But the most important is the fact to be weather tight.     New ViewFront view.
Soon I will show photos with the acrylic port holes.
                                        Some more photos
Fish eye interior viewInterior photos made with fish eye lenses.   Fish eyw viewMore fish aye lenses phot.
More photos SOON here!!
Sponsor lgo for Hidalgos fiesta 2010
Sponsor lgo for Hidalgos fiesta 2010


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