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July to November 2009 (click on each photo to enlarge it )

Electro Scan installed. This is the   Marine Sanitation Device. Here the flush waste from the two toilets will be collected treat and pumped out.

Electro Scan does not pump waste out. Only treated water is pumped out. In many countries the waste water is not allowed to be discharged inside territorial three mile limit for environmental  protection. Electro Scan work with 12 volts. 

Water mixer for the wet generator exhaust system. Custom made in Barranquilla. After some hours job, enjoying a with some  beers to celebrate the good quality mixer done.   Stainless steel water mixer already installed. Especial hose to the silencer water lock.
Generator exhaust system: Water mixer hoses to water lock silencer, loop up on the center boat line to avoid water return. On the right side it is possible to see the exhaust hose from the main engine. (03 inches hose)   I have decided to change the blue color for red color. Blue paint is being taking off.

All blue paint was removed. Hull surface was coated with epoxy layer to to make fair surface.

  One photo from top view. Hull ready to be painted with epoxy white primer coat.
On the mean time the carpenter nicknamed: Pajarito (little bird) doing some jobs for the boat interior.   My brother German was visiting me at this time. To see the wayra progress.
German training with the wheel for one day pilot Wayra at sea.     The two good brothers: German, Gilberto with My good workers: Padilla and Julio Cruz.
                                        Some more owner's photos
During this time I took a weekend to visit My friend John Buckner and his aluminum Sailing boat "MISCHIEF" at Punta Arenas, Costa Rica on Central America.   I am here with my friend John Buckner in Costa Rica. He is reforming his Sailboat and we have agree that as soon I finish Wayra, we will cross the Atlantic, toward the Greek Islands.
Wayra new colour
Water heater Internal Acces ladderInternal access ladder

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