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(click in each photo to enlarge it ) -  2008 - 2009

Wet Mixer for the wet exhaust system. It was custom made in Barranquilla, Colombia.


Water mixer already connected to the exhaust and to the Vetus water lock. 

Generator set, Aux. engine, raw water manifold, Wet exhaust system.   Wet mixer and Water lock.
Exhaust gases will leave throughout the big exhaust escape pipe. The raw water will enter throughout the 2 inches pipe mixing with gases and cooling the system. Water lock avoid the water return to the engine when stop.   Pre Fuel oil filter and Fuel/water separator.

Gear box and his cooling system.

  You can see here the row water manifold between the generator and the engine
Propeller shaft.   Propeller shaft. Soon the Propeller will be installed.
The propeller shaft is attached inside to the gear box with the flex coupling. You can see the mechanical seal to avoid sea water come in to the boat interior.   Engine room general view.
                                   Making  Raw water inlet filterers
5 inches pipe was welded on the base, installed inside the filter and closed on top with removable flange.   Plastic filer inside the 5 inches pipe.
Water inlet and outlet pipes welded on the sides.   Pressure manometer installed to verify when filter is becoming clog.
                                         Owner's vacations
On vacations embarking with the family and friends for 9 days cruise trip on South Atlantic voyage. (February 2009)   On the Cruising vessel deck. February 2009.
This is not my boat yet, but soon will be almost.....like this. (Panama City, April 2009)   My friends Bernard and Anne from France on his Sailboat SIWA sailing around the World. (Brasil 2007)
Visiting with My family the Sailing ship "ARC Gloria" of the Colombian Republic. Cartagena-Colombia.   Visiting the USS CONSTITUTION. Is the world's oldes commisioned warship still afloat.Boston, Massachusetts.
Visiting the Shool Sailing ship "Capitan Miranda" of the Uruguay Republic. Boston Massachusetts.   Shool Sailing ship: "Capitan Miranda". Boston, Massachuessetts. USA
                                                      Jun 2009
Engine room and inside control station   Access ladder.
Water heater.   Water heater isntalled.
Reinstaling top Windwos.   Ready to install acrilic top windows.
Installing 15 milimeters acrilic  windows.   15 milimeters acrilic windows.
Top windows and vents already installed. The acrilic was secured with Inox screws.    The windows are protected with plastic to avoid the acrilic surface to be scraped.

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