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Marine paints


(click in each photo to enlarge it ) -  January 2007

one crane was used to install the auxiliary engine. It is called auxiliary because the main propulsion power  is the win.

Generator set being in boarding

Engine room with the Deutz engine and generator installed.   installing the engine mounts before set down over the base. Fuel tanks over the sides.
The engine supports were modified to fit properly the engine mounts in the engine room base.   Engine mounts
Engine room.

You can see also the Raw water inlet.

  Marine transmission ZF 220 A. with the Adapter for the flex coupling , flange to fit the laser devise that will be used to make the propeller shaft alignment.
Flex coupling connected to reduction box  throughout adapter coupling which will join the propeller shaft.   Engine room.
Generator set ready to be lifted inboard.   Interior starboard side wooden works.
Middle interior wooden works.   Port side interior wooden jobs.
My son Tom and my brother Jairo enjoying unforgettable days in Barranquilla.   Good boat view.
My Family: Joao, Edu,Sonia. January 2008   Next Photo..Soon.

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