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September & October 2003

Studying the plans below shadow formed by one scrape barge. on a hot day.


in the interior view you can see the door communicating  the master room.


Working over  the customized  transom.


The owner testing the nice transom.

On the background the Magdalena river.


Fore deck view. one opening hatch as sample to perform the cut out.


Fiberglass specialist start to make the forms for the water tanks.

Fiberglass water tanks being formed on the original place. The tanks are retractile.


Team  workers:  The subcontracted, his welders and the technical drawer.


The two fuel oil tanks being fabricated. The skeg on the side.


After the hull is turned upright, the deck beams are being installed to support the deck and reinforce the hull structure at all.

Project in photos:

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