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Sailboat '' Wayra''  main characteristics
46'-10'' 14,28 m
LWL(load waterline length) 42'-0'' 12,80 m
Beam 13'- 01'' 3,99 m
BWL(bean waterline) 12' - 07'' 3,85 m
Draft 13'-1'' 1,80 m
Disp. Displacement or weight of the boat 40.000 lbs 18.143 kg
Ballast (Weight of the bilge or keel) 12.000 lbs 5.443 kg
Sail Area 1.200 square feet 111 Sq.mt.
Auxiliary Power 60 - 85 HP  
Displacement length Ratio 235  
Sail Area Displ. Ratio 16.5  
Diesel Oil 303 US gall. 1.150 liters
Fresh Water 224 US gall 850 liters
Ballast ratio 30%
AWP(waterplane area) 354 sq.feet 33 sq.m
AVS (angle of vanishing stability) 123,6 degrees  

Here you will see in the future all the technical data, plans, and equipments being installed.

The boat is being built under the permission and regulations of the Colombian General Maritime Authority (DIMAR) - Permission signed by the Port Captain:  Julio Enrique Vargas Gomez (Frigate Captain). Dimar  has designed as construction  Surveyor to Mr. Mauricio Botero Botero.

 ( Naval Engineer and International Surveyor) complying with the Colombian Maritime Legislation for small  boats construction.

The boat will be done following the ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) Standard recommendations. 

The hull has been treated and painted using the World well known marine paints HEMPEL and following their strict procedures and recomendations. 

Structural tickness of the Hull plates, frames and stringers

The hull plate, frames and  keel was constructed with Naval Steel classification ASTM: A131-A and thickness as shown on the figures below. From the original plans the yacht designer Brucer Roberts, recomend to use Steel plate thickness of 5/32 inches, but in Colombia it is impossible to get this thickness. 3/16 plate was used with the previous authorization of the Yacht Designer    

Frames: A131-A Naval Steel 1/4 inches. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

For stringers or longitudinals was used flat bar steel A36: 1/4 inches X 1 1/2 inches.

Deck Beams:  A36 Steel angles: 2 1/2" X 2 1/2" X 1/4" Thickness.






Mast & Sail Dimentions

Sail Luff (P) Leech Foot (E) Sq.Ft Sq.Mt
Main 18.29 m 19.90 m 5.18 m 510 47.38
Jib 19.30 m 18.24 m 8.06 m 787 73.10
Mast  = 65' - 6" [ 19.96 M]
Boom = 17' - 5"  [ 5.32 M ]
J = 17'- 3 "   [5.26 M ]

Auxiliary Power

Auxiliary engine is the Deutz Diesel Marine  TD226B-4C2, 105HP. 2100rpm ( 4 cylinders)

Then engine is brand new being imported from the Deutz manufacturer in China.

Marine transmission " ZF 220 A"  already installed



The R & D Flexible Coupling fits between the transmission output flange and shaft coupling. It is designed to protect a boat's drivetrain. The unit will reduce vibration, compensate for some misalignment, isolate the shaft and absorb shock loads


The flexible disc is machined from a resilient and durable polyurethane. It allows the unit to flex, absorbing vibrations and temporary misalignment of the shaft and engine due to movement of the engine or flexing in the vessel's structure.

(You can see here the Flexible shaft coupling already installed).

More about...........Link to R & D lexible shaft coupling maker        

Mechanical shaft seal already installed..... Learn all about PSS  Shaft seal

10 KAmp. Generator set  was imported legaly from china together

with the Dwutz main engine. Both are already installed.

Echosounder-GPS- Chart Plotter

This Electrónic equipement has been already  adquire with his trandsducer wich will be install in advance over the botom hull.(Transducer is the device that transmit & recive ultra sounds toward the sea water).  

The GPSMAP® 178C Sounder is a new-generation fully integrated chartplotter and powerful sonar, offering the same brilliant sunlight-readable color LCD, powerful features, and simple interface all in a compact, value-priced console that leaves fish nowhere to hide.

It comes standard with a built-in worldwide marine basemap and accepts MapSource® BlueChart® offshore marine cartography—featuring detailed depth contours, inter-tidal zones, wrecks, navaids, and many other points of interest. For small-water anglers, the GPSMAP 178C Sounder is compatible with MapSource Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots—featuring fishing areas, boat ramps, marinas, and hazards for hundreds of popular U.S. and Canadian lakes. Pre-programmed data cards can be easily inserted into the slot on the front of the unit.

Steering system

The Vetus Hydraulic steering systems (with axial piston pump) has been already adquired and the piston already installed.
Wayra will be equiped with Dual station control.One located in the cockpit  and other inside over the Navegation chart table.
Our hydraulic steering systems consist of a hydraulic pump and cylinder, connected by means of tubes (copper, steel or Nylon).
The pump is of the axial piston type, with small pistons inside, which are directly actuated by the steering wheel; certainly not the cheapest, but the only good system for safe and reliable hydraulic steering.
The cylinder is of the double-acting type and mounted on a base, allowing it to swing according to the arc described by the rudder tiller.
The manually operated system creates its hydraulic power through rotation of the steering wheel.
It does not depend on the electric or propulsion system of the boat for its energy

Piston MTC175                       MTP5310R Pump with non return velve

Piston installed Pump installed
Download: Vetus Piston and pump installation Manual (PDF format:  5.5 Mb.)  

The rooder wheel and Pedestal are being made by Mercamaquinas Ltd in Pasto- Colombia

Hatches, Portholes,Vents,windows and more..

Mercamaquinas Ltda.has done the hatche and window shown here

 ( in Pasto-Colombia).Jaime Castro at the moment is making other stainless steel devices among others: the bits, forward pulpit, stansions, hand rails, rudder pedestal,anchor roll mount, more portholes, stern diving boarding    ladder.(Fev.2005).Soon will be posted here all products done by Mercamaquinas Ltda.

            Portholes installed.   


Nicro Solar Vents ventilator. Solar cells power the fans for efficient, active ventilation.Air circulation volumen over 900cu.ft/hr. Use "C" cell nicad battery for 24 hour operation.DC on/off swithc stops vent operation as battery continue to charge.Sturdy White ABS plastic.


Full-capacity shower drain system with automatic activation. Includes a clear, screw-down cover for easy inspection, removable strainer for easy cleaning, and an internal check valve to prevent back siphoning. To see more about the 4 itens listed above, you can visit www.westmarine

Sanitary System: Electro Scan

In many countries boat with permanent installed toilets, are required to have onboard a Marine Sanitation Devise (MSD) that either stores human waste until it can be transferred ashore, or reduce the coliform count to such low levels that discharged sewage poses no public health hazards even in populated harbor.

More than 3 miles from the coast is legal to discharge raw (untreated) waste overboard, either directly from toilet or by emptying the holding tank.

Inside the three-mile limit, it is illegal to dump raw sewage. In these areas, boaters my discharge waste only if it has been treated by an onboard treatment device (Type I or II MSD). Otherwise, it must be contained on board in a Type III MSD, and transferred ashore at a pump-out station (which in many cases, sadly, means it will get a modest amount of treatment before finding its way back into the water).

Sanitary devices:

Marine Sanitation Device Type I (MSD I) :  Convert waste water less than 1000  per 100 milliliters and no visible floating solids.

Marine Sanitation Device Type II (MSD II): Coliform bacteria count of less than 200 for 100 milliliters and suspended solids not great than 150 milligrams per liter. Treatment system that use heat or chemicals to break down waste and reduce the bacteria count to specific level. The resulting sanitized is legal to dump overboard and most areas include in the 3 mile coast limit, but not in non discharge zones.

have installed Electro Scan onboard WAYRA.  

I lectro scan™ is a U. S. Coast Guard Certified Type I Marine Sanitation Device for use on inspected and uninspected vessels 65 feet (19.7 Meters) and under. It must be operated within areas that are not declared a Federal No Discharge Zone (NDZ) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is applicable for all U.S. territorial waters inside the three mile limit. electro scan is designed for recreational use and accommodates most marine toilets  it can be used with one or, in some cases, two toilets. The electro scan installed on Wayra is 12  V DC.

How it works:

Each time the toilet is flushed an equal amount of previously

treated waste is discharged. The electro scan does not pump waste out. The flushing action of the toilet moves the waste through the electro scan.

The first chamber macerates to reduce particle size. The second chamber mixes to ensure uniform treatment of contents. When the tank is full with salt water the electrode plates, when electricity is applied, generate bactericide in both chambers.

When first activated both motors come on and run for the entire cycle. The user then has 35 seconds to flush toilet. After 35 seconds the electrode is energized to begin the treatment process which lasts for approximately 2 minutes.

Click here for Electro Scan Manual (PDF File: 478 kb.)

Link to Electro Scan web page: http://www.raritaneng.com/products/waste_treatment/electroscan.htm


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