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Starting the project  (April, May 2003 )

There was no one other place well sheltered and close to the work place that could be used as drawing room, the engine room belonging to one old scrap barge was improvise as drawing room. One plastic was used to cover the plans after the work day, in case of rain. Fortunately during the starting days never it rained. But the hot days were terrible.

This is the base where the dream start


Family visitors

The first project visitors


Gilberto workingn in the"Drawing room"

“ Drawing room ” where the full size pattern plans were transfer from paper to polywood to make the full scale polywood frames


Thechinical Drawer

Bernardo Lopez and Donaldo Martinez (El Pato), one of the welder’s team workers, developing the frames


Transfering Frames

Transfering the full size patterns frames plans from paper to the Playwood where the frame will be cut as full size wood frame.


The main frame

The forward frame is being made in playwood.


Drowing Room

There were no sheltered place to start. The way was to use the one old barge close by to be use as Drowing room


All frames has the same radio
Old car interior

The car should be 1950 Model. You can see the "Digital instruments and MP3 Player"


Old car

One old car used at begining to transport material


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