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                         This page contain information about all the members involved directly in the project. All of them were well selected taking in account his great experience in metal boat building and all of them had worked together since long time ago in many different projects, most of the time in local shipyards.

Without their skillful knowledge in metal boats construction, the radius chine steel boat hull would not be made as well shaped and perfect as by plans specifications. Taking in account it is the first time they are building one sailing boat hull. Therefore it is a great merit for us.                           

Starting work team:

Gilberto Castro Caicedo: Merchant Marine Officer (Chief Mate)

 ( Boat owner's background )

 Born in  Pasto - Colombia  in  1958

In 1978 I joined the  Navy school (Admiral Padilla) as Merchant marine cadet in Cartagena - Colombia where I began to had contact with the sea. The sailing local competitions and weekend cruises around the Cartagena  bay  was one of the main gratification sports practiced by the cadets on board of small sport sail boats (Sailing dinghies and lasers ). Since those times I promise to myself that one day I will have my own sailing boat to be able not only to navigate into the Cartagena bay, but safely all over the world. 

I graduate as Third officer in 1982 after yearly training cruises on board several types of merchant vessels.

Since 1983 I started  to work as third mate and second officer in many merchant ships around the world.    

 In 1988 I started to work in the offshore oil industry as Chief Mate and Captain on board of Supply and Anchor handling boats. Most of the time in the Tidewater company in the  Brazilian oil fields.

 Since 1999 I have been working on board  Dynamic Positioning Vessels in Diving operations, Flex lines laying and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) operations. On board LSV Seaway Condor and DSV Seaway Harrier

At present I am working for Acergy Brazil S.A. on board DSV " Acergy Harrier" as Chief Mate (Night Captain).

During my maritime life I have participated in many ship's dry-dock jobs, where I have gained a lot of knowledge in naval repairs, vessels maintenance and metal works at all.   

As seafarer to fulfill the STWC (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping) requirements,I had carried out the courses listed below:

Upgrade courses for Officer's in the " Admiral Padilla" Naval Academy - Cartagena, Colombia. 

Preliminary DPO. Shore Induction Course:Aberdeen College - Aberdeen, Scotland.

DP Simulator course - Aberdeen College:Aberdeen College - Aberdeen, Scotland.

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) General Operator course -         Naval Academy - Montevideo - Uruguay.

Basic Fire-fighting Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Medical Emergency - Basic Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Personal Survival Courses - Fundacion Nautica:Cartagena, Colombia.

Advanced Fire-fighting Corse - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Human Relationships Course - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Medical Care Advanced - Fundacion Nautica: Cartagena, Colombia.

Radar Observer - Fundacion Nautica:Cartagena, Colombia.

ARPA(Automatic Radar Plotting Aid)Radar Operator Course-Fundacion Nautica:      Cartagena, Colombia.

Offshore Cargo Handling & Movement Safety Course - " Rigging & Slinging" - Brasil.

Ships Security Officer - Course made at Videotel- London.

Helicopter underwater Egress training course "Falk Nutec" - Macae,  Brasil

   Confined space entry and technical rescue " Falk Nutec" Macae, Brasil

If you want to know more about my profession: "Dynamic Positioning  System", you can visit: The International Marine Contractors Association  web page.                                                                                       

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Alvaro E. Romero Donado


Birth Date:
2ND January 1965

Merchant Marine Officer (deck Officer)

Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO)

Electronic Naval Engineer

Engineering Projects Manager

In 1983 joined the Naval Academy (Admiral Padilla) Cartagena - Colombia.

Graduate as Naval Officer in 1986.

In the Naval Academy (Admiral Padilla) Graduate as Naval Engineer (1995).

Postgraduate as Engineering Projects Manager (1998) - Universidad del Norte - Barranquilla , Colombia.

Professional Experience:

Embarked on board Colombian Navy Destroyers as Deck and Main Weapon Division Officer. 

As  Naval Officer on board Supply and Support vessels  ( Colombian Navy - Armada Republica de Colombia).

In 1990 dismiss from Colombian Navy and started to work as Merchant Marine Officer on board several vessels such as: Chemical tankers, bulk carrier ships, General purpose vessels. As Captain in Tuna vessels (Propescol S.A.)

Has worked as Cargo Loading Master in - Coal Cargo Port  (Atlantic Coal S.A.)

In the Colombian General Maritime Dictatorate - (Navigational Aid - Barranquilla, Colombia )  has work as Technical Department Manager. handling buoy vessel project  Manager and Handling buoy Vessel Captain.

He has worked on board  Tidewater Marine  Off- shore Supply Vessels as chief Mate in Brazil Oil fields. 

Nowadays working as DPO on board DSV (Dive support Vessel) " Seaway Harrier " -  Stolt Offshore S.A.

Mr. Alvaro Romero as Seafarer also hold all the STCW  requirement courses.


Bernardo Lopez  (Technical  designer)

Mr. Bernardo worked as a kind of one Auditor in the project..

Responsible for the plans at all. In charge to make the wooden frames patterns in full scale from the papers plans sent by the yacht designer. 

Responsible to verify that all the real dimensions in details match the dimensions exactly accordingly to the yacht designer plans.

Responsible also for the material list, material specifications and weigh hull calculations.

For Mr. Bernardo Lopez the job was so easy, All his life has worked drawing ships plans under the Naval architects specifications, even since old days when CAD computer programs still did not exist.

He played important roll in the starting project to develop the hull shape from the plans. Frame by frame, detail by detail was made under his responsibility.

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Hector Camacho Arellana.

In charge  to carry out the metal hull construction, worker's foreman and responsible for the hull construction at all using his longer experience in metal boat building.

Very well known in the shipyard industry for your work contract  accomplish, quality and  good  management of personnel, equipments and materials.


Hector Camacho has 40 years of experience in metal boats building. He started in this profession   since the age of 18 years.  starting as technical drawer. He has made many technical courses at the SENA ( National Center of Learning) well reputable teaching institution in Colombia.

During all those years under his supervision as subcontracted or shipyard employed  has been made many kind of vessels; some of them listed below:

Colombian Navy Patrol crafts.

Fishing boats for VIKINGOS (Colombian fishing company).

Fishing boats for Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama.

Barges for BANADEX - (banana expo company).

River and ocean tug boats.

Ferris used to cross the Magdalena river before the Pumarejo bridge be built.

Many industrial equipments as: bottles washing machines, High pressure tanks, etc.

Innumerable ships reforms and repairs has been made by Mr. Camacho during all those years.

Now, is the first time he is building one sailing boat. Sure will not be the last


Workers:        (They use friendly their nickname well know in Barranquilla)

All the welders listed below had worked also for many years in shipyards under Mr. Camacho direction, they hold their respective  certificate of competence as professional welders. For them, make the metal frames, bend and weld  plates has become a routing job after many years of experience doing the same. 

Jaun Ariza - Nickname: " El chino de Jalapa"

Blaz Jacobo Molinares - Nickname: " Manduco "

Donaldo Henrique Martinez - Nickname: " el pato" 

Juan Castro - Nickname : " el chino "

Armando Rafael Lance - Nickname: " biyuyo"

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